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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a program developed for graphics editing. The first version of this program was developed in 1987 and was available for only the computers developed by Apple Company. But today it is available for all computers.  Adobe Illustrator has derived from postscript and adobe’s font technology.  It is very easy to learn and use it, in fact, a beginner can also use it very perfectly. It is suitable for graphic designing. Adobe Illustrator has been enhanced with more features. For example, PDF feature, creating 3D objects, live trace.

One reason for its popularity is its transparency. In many programs, the colors you are using in graphics seems to be a blur and do not clear. So you are not able to see what you are doing actually. But in the adobe illustrator, a user can use the transparency tool to make graphics in color and still able to see the colors clearly. Many other programs do not have this advantage, in this way Adobe illustrator is a more useful program.

Adobe Illustrator course free download has become very popular. The reason behind this is its tools flexibility and its ability to make high work of designing. Colors, lines and different types of arcs can easily be drawn by using this software. Let us check the daily works a user can do from this program easily.

  • Through Adobe Illustration user can draw icons easily. A user can draw basic pictures like a triangle, rectangle etc. it is also used to arrange and align the pictures in a regular manner.
  • By using different tools like pen tool and line tool a user can draw any type of Map.
  • A user can draw the different types of charts i.e. pie charts and draw graphics by entering data only. It is also used to show statistical data in different books.
  • An architect can use it to make different Cartoons for attracting children and to entertain them. He can draw his Cartoons, can color them and can make it more attractive.
  • A user can draw different types of logos for his organization and make its background attractive.
  • Adobe illustration can also be used for advertisements. It can also be used for profiles of different companies.

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